Monday, December 10, 2007

48hr block party (with Dora the explorer)

This project was my favorite to make/ view, during the 48-hour time period i was extremely pressed for time. Making the project that much more rewarding for me after its completion. Basically i didn't have any idea what i could do for this project or how for that matter i was going to shoot it......cell phone, digital video mode on a still camera, scanner, frame by frame stills all possible, but with time being such a large factor i all could think about was which one was the most attainable. But then all at once after hearing a tech-no song the night before (which i replaced with the Kings of Leon) i thought of something simple and very beat savvy, as well as something obvious to the viewer that could be shot in a single location.... the changing of my clothes to the beat of a song (with blocks). Which to my surprise was a hit with people........ NICE!
But after all the projects where finished and then screened i was nothing shy of inspired by all the creativity that unfolded with three simple blocks in a 48 hour time span as well as the quality of work that was presented at the screening.

The after party end of the year screenings was fun and the cider was banging.......thanks for the memories!

-matt evans

Hey DJ, play dat tune!

Rhythmic editing....... this project was what you made it, on one hand it was a great chance to be creative, on the other hand it was the most monotonous project that i had produced all semester. The concept behind my project was two prospectives conjoining to tell a story, the first perspective being an on looker watching a person play with their dog. The second was the dogs perspective coming into the house and seeing what a dog sees and steps (she) must go through to end up with a dog treat. I used obvious objects (blue door, dog bones) and similar movements to help the audience know from the first couple of clips that it was two point of views where telling the same story in the same space. After everything was shot and i was in the editing lab from there i wanted to place the clips in the 5,15,10,5 frame pattern as random as possible by not repeating any pattern twice (on purpose) to see if the audience could follow the "clues" and there by follow the story of the two POV's.

Monday, October 29, 2007

motion pictures....or lack there of!

This idea of creating something from nothing is really intriguing. At first i didn't really like the idea of not using a video camera to capture the "story" with, but the more i thought about how creative this project could get the more that i began to enjoy the idea of shooting a short movie with out the use of a movie camera. But what should i use? Cell phone, digital camera, 35-mm still frame film camera. All choices listed certainly could be possibilities for this 48-hr film race. But one idea that i cant get out of my head this idea if seeing images through reflection of other objects and mirrors. But even if i shot the project with a video camera through the reflection of other objects all the images shown during the film ultimately would be captured on the video camera's film so i suppose that idea wouldn't work......but if have all the same options as other contestants then how do i make a film that stands out from the others. Which the only up side to this is that all of the other film makers most likely have the same problem with what media to use as i do. But this is what makes experiences like this so much fun, is seeing the final results and watching other people projects and when you actually see a good innovative project and think to your self "damn i should have tried that".

Saturday, September 22, 2007

my thoughts on film manipulation

hey boys and girls,
well, over all the film manipulation project was a good experience. It didn't quite turned out like i expected it to, but it was still a neat and memorable experience. After seeing the other films during class it hit me how creative and limitless the outcome of these experimental films can be. The ones i like the most were the films that were the most colorful and outlandish. i based my film strip with the idea of creative control, what i mean by this is creative ideas where i controled the out come of the final product. However after seeing all the films the more abstract looking the beter. There was probaly 30 frames the i scratched words and designs into i then added paint over top of, but after whatching the film i never really saw any of the designs that i had scratched show up like i expected them to. But i feel like the finished result did have a lot of interesting "elements" in it and for my first time ever using some of these film manipulation techniques i just remember thinking "not bad".


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dealing with the elements

Ever since my intro to film class with Dr. Kruel direct film manipulation has always appealed to me. And with this project i have the chance and challenge to artisticly represent the four elements water, wind, earth, and fire. Of the four elements i will be focusing on two of them, those two being fire and earth. though a time consuming process i really think that the finished process will be rewarding. i haven't found any snaggs thus far but then again i still have a lot work to do, the only problem i really have is time so far but what else is new. Ill let every one know how things turn out.


Sunday, September 9, 2007

so far so good!

SO far i have throughly enjoyed the class. The experimental projects that we are doing in class so far remind of the films i saw in Kruels class a year or more ago when i first took intro to film. The stop motion animation films and shorts that we watched last class were both inspiring and strange. I enjoyed the time and thought that pes puts into the simplest of projects, ranging from the movment of couch change to the classic toys and antique keys in his creative shorts such as kaboom. Since i've already done some stop motion antimation when I was younger in high school with my parents old 8mm video camera from the early 90's. I most used rough clay figures, houes hold objects, or even food such as ham sandwich beacuse of these experiments those short really hit home for me. The brothers Quey kinda of wigged me out did really find it to appealling since i never really knew what was going on!

On anoher note the elements: earth wind fire water project is sick. The fact that im dealing directly with film is very cool. And the more creative options that i have with the film the better. The more scratching, bleaching, magizine transfer, and painting the more interesting the project becomes. This basic form of direct film art is very interesting to me. It's nice to see somthing so raw with out the polish of post production digital effects.